Fishing is a way of life in the Northwoods and it's easy to see why. No matter what you are fishing for, a trophy muskie to a haul of pan fish, there is a lake for you. Need a little help? Schedule a guide for a trip out on the lakes to learn all the secrets.

Fishing for Dollars

HERE’S HOW: 100 pan fish will be pre-tagged and released into the Three Lakes Chain of Lakes by the Three Lakes Fish and Wildlife Association. Catch one and you could win one of the following prizes: ONE $1,200 FISH ONE $750 FISH THREE $500 FISH THREE $250 FISH FIVE $100 FISH THIRTY-SEVEN $50 FISH Catch…

Fishing Reports

Fishing with the Guides  by George Langley.   Week of 5/14 to 5/21.

Our weather has been gradually improving, and we have (maybe) gotten rid of that very cold stuff. We'll be getting some serious rise in the water temps if we can keep it warmer at night than it has been. It has been a tough spring, with a lot of wind and cold. As this is written, the forecast is for some rain, which believe it or not is needed. While the lakes are high, we've been dry for several weeks now. Conditions on the lakes are great now, with higher water levels and some nice weed development starting on many lakes. Lakes that were severely impacted by that drought have been brought back to much better levels. Water temps are getting better with a much stronger sun. Boat landings that were impacted by the ice this last winter have for the most part been repaired and are in OK shape. Let's get ready for summer!
Walleye fishing has been good, but not great. The fish are getting through that recovery period from the spawn and are starting to feed more in the weeds, so that weed fishing will be great in the next several weeks. Minnows are still the best bait, but a few anglers are starting to use leeches and crawlers with some success. We're getting a lot of little fish on the Chain - not a lot of bigger fish yet in those shallow weeds in the evenings. As with other fish, look for green weeds to hold these fish. Either jigging or using slip bobbers works well when these weeds develop. It's a real variety type of fishing in these weeds, as you will also get northerns and crappies.
On the bigger lakes, things are a little behind the Chain, but getting there. Water temps on those deepr lakes lag behind in the spring by a week or so. Larger minnows such as chubs will attract larger fish on these lakes. As with other lakes, look for the weed development to attract fish.
Northerns are hitting on all lakes, as they have been among the earlier spawners and are fully recovered. These fish are quite often mixed right in with the walleyes and will hit those jigs & minnows with aggression. They can be filleted nicely to get rid of the “Y” bones and are delicious. They'll also hit baits such as Mepps spinners, Daredevils, and Johnson Silver Minnows.
Bass are later this year with the colder water, but will be moving onto the shores soon. On some lakes, they spawn earlier then others, but release on all bass is the sporting way to go. 
Musky season is not open up here until Memorial Day Saturday, so leave these guys alone when they are spawning. We see some “sportsmen” snagging them at this time of year – they should be ashamed of themselves.
Panfish action should be great, as the crappies are in to spawn on many lakes. They will be in the same type of cover that the perch use when they come in. they'll be in these spawning areas for several weeks now as that water warms. Hope that we don't get cold fronts to interrupt their spawn as we've had the last several years. Minnows, small tube jigs and Mini Mites work well for them. The bluegills are just now getting in to the shallows, but not yet ready to spawn. They'll hit worms best, and are also great fun on fly rods. Perch are in the weeds and will hit just about anything now.
It's a great time – get out there and enjoy some of the best fishing of the year.
Good luck and good fishin'!

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